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6 things you should always borrow, not buy

Think about all the stuff that accumulates in your household over the years. The tools you bought for the renovation, the expensive skiing equipment you used for that one skiing trip years ago and much more. Why did you buy them, if you could have borrowed them? We made a list of 6 items you should never buy but always borrow or rent and show you where to get them.

1: Special Tools

Hands with fretsaw sawing woodSpecial hammers, jigsaws and drills are some of the most underutilized items in every household. At the same time they are super expensive to buy.
See where to borrow special tools

2: Outdoor Sporting Equipment

Group of surfers at the beach heading towards the waterThinking of an outdoor sport adventure? Skiing, diving, surfing, snowboarding? Add up all the required equipment and you can easily spend 100s of bucks. But how often do you need it? Once, twice or a handful of times every year?
See where to borrow sports equipment

3: Ladders

Every household needs some kind of basic step ladder, but think about how often you need to climb higher than a meter. It’s not that many times, right? So save a ton of money and space (ladders are big) and next time borrow a ladder. In most cases you can even borrow them very spontaneously in case you need the ladder in emergency.
See where to borrow ladders

4: Chainsaws

How often do you need a chainsaw to cut down trees? As long as you don’t produce your own firewood, you probably only need a chainsaw once or twice a year (maybe to cut a christmas tree?).
Chainsaw owners are willing to lend you theirs for a little penny. So save yourself a couple of hundred bucks by just borrowing a high quality chainsaw.
See where to borrow chainsaws

5: Camping Gear

2 People in tent
Are you going camping every weekend? Probably not. If you camp once, twice, a handful of times per year or go for your first camping adventure, it’s best to borrow the gear. Think of the costs of purchasing a tent, an air bed, gas stove etc. super expensive, not worth to buy it. So instead of getting cheap, low quality gear, rather borrow high quality gear for cheap from camping enthusiasts.
See where to borrow camping gear

6: Suitcases

packed suitcase with camera and sunglassesIf you don’t travel every week or need a bigger suitcase just for one trip, you are always better off by borrowing it. Suitcases are expensive, a good big suitcase can easily set you back 200 bucks. Not owning big or many luggage items also saves you a ton of space.
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