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all you need to know about borrowing vehicles

We show you how to find the perfect rental vehicle for your adventure or next trip with ShareSpace and what to pay attention to when borrowing vehicles online.
Save big bucks by borrowing vehicles. Cars are super expensive, everyone knows that, but bikes, scooters and motorbikes aren’t cheap either. Then think of when or how often you use them! Not worth buying in most cases. For the handful of times you need a car or a cargo bike, rather borrow them.

FAQ around borrowing vehicles:

Who should borrow vehicles?

Unless you need a car or a bike everyday to get to work or uni, you don’t need to own one yourself. As long as you’re not a professional photographer, you don’t need your own equipment, rather borrow it, it’s not worth buying expensive equipment.
Or you need a vehicle to bring you from A to B on your vacation? Then you should borrow it wherever your vacation destination is.

What are the most popular vehicles to borrow?

All kinds of vehicles are being offered to borrow online, on various sharing platforms. Mainly cars and bikes, but also motorbikes and even strollers and wheelchairs.

Anything I have to pay extra attention to when borrowing a vehicle?

Just don’t break it, don’t scratch anything, make sure to use the vehicle in the way it’s supposed to be used. And always make sure to clean the borrowed vehicle before returning it.

What are popular locations to borrow cars, bicycles and other vehicles?

Vehicles are being borrowed all around the world, from the US to Norway.
You will find vehicles to borrow at all your favorite vacation spots or just around the corner in your neighbourhood. Bike sharing is super popular in the Netherlands, the US and Canada are very actively sharing cars and trucks.

What websites can I borrow vehicles on?

Vehicle rentals can be found on various platforms. There are specialized platforms for some kinds of vehicles like Turo for cars or Whill for wheelchairs. But you can also find loads of vehicles on all-purpose sharing platforms like Peerby and FatLama.
So there is plenty of choice and 100,000s of offers all around the world.

Is the borrowed vehicle insured in case I break it?

Most of our featured vehicle rental websites include damage insurance. So you’re all protected in case you break anything by accident.
Check if the platform you want to borrow from shows a green checkmark on ShareSpace, meaning that it offers insurance protection for its users.
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