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all you need to know about borrowing tools

We show you how to find the perfect rental tools for your home renovation project or next DIY adventure with ShareSpace and what to pay attention to when borrowing tools.
Save big bucks by borrowing tools. Tools, especially electric tools like drills, chainsaws and grinders are super expensive to buy, hundreds of Euros in most cases. Unless you fall back to cheap low quality equipment, borrowing is the only way to go if you want to have a great experience on a budget.

FAQ around borrowing tools:

Who should borrow tools?

As long as you’re not a professional craftsman, you don’t need your own tools, rather borrow them, it’s not worth buying expensive tools if you only need them for one renovation project or once a year to grind your garden furniture or something.

What are the most popular tools to borrow?

All kinds of tools are being offered to borrow online, on various sharing platforms. Mainly electric tools and garden tools but also hammers, cable cutters etc., everything.

Anything I have to pay extra attention to when borrowing tools?

Just don’t break them, while it’s quite hard to break a hammer, electric and precision tools are easily broken by misusing them. So make sure to use the tools in the way they’re supposed to be used. And always make sure to clean the borrowed tools before returning them.

What are popular locations to borrow tools?

Tools are being borrowed all around the world, from the UK to Sweden.

What websites can I borrow tools on?

Tool rentals can be found on various platforms. There are specialized platforms like HeyHo or Sparetoolz. But you can also find loads of tools on all-purpose sharing platforms like Peerby and FatLama.
So there is plenty of choice and 100,000s of offers all around the world.

Are the borrowed tools insured in case I break them?

Most of our featured tools rental websites include damage insurance. So you’re all protected in case you break anything by accident.
Check if the platform you want to borrow from shows a green checkmark on ShareSpace, meaning that it offers insurance protection for its users.