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how to have a great camping adventure with borrowed equipment

Going camping is a great way to get out and back into nature. get some fresh air and spend quality time with friends and family. Especially for first time campers, quality camping gear might break the budget. We will tell you why you still shouldn’t fall back to cheap, low quality or second hand gear, but rather borrow high quality equipment at low cost from camping enthusiasts. You’ll be doing something for your wallet and the environment.
2 People in tent
  1. Plan your trip in detail:
Although it might seem to be a great idea to go out all spontaneously and just dive into the adventure, you should still have the basics set up beforehand. Answer the following questions:
Where do I stay? When do I go? How will the weather be (weather conditions can make or break a nice camping adventure)? What am I gonna eat and how do I prepare it? What do I need to bring? Which equipment do I have and what do I need to borrow?
  1. Organize your equipment in advance:
Although borrowing from private individuals is very flexible and spontaneous, you should still make sure to let the lenders know in advance. Just to make sure equipment is available and fits your needs.
We suggest you to start your gear search 2-3 weeks before your trip. Also let lenders know on time and agree a pickup time. Sometimes equipment has to be sent via mail, so plan for that as well.Selection of various small camping gear
  1. Don’t forget the details:
When thinking of camping equipment the first things that come to your mind are probably a tent, airbed and maybe a gas stove. But don’t forget about about the little but crucial equipment. Get a torch for the night, first aid kit, a multitool and some tape for small repairs.
You won’t believe it, but you can even borrow some of these small things online. Check out where to borrow what you need here.
And don’t forget about sun- and mosquito protection!
  1. Finding the perfect gear and where to borrow it:
When picking a tent, it’s a good idea to choose one that’s a size or two bigger than the number of people using it. This will allow enough room to store your gear in the tent and have comfortable space to sleep.
Whatever time of year you choose to camp it’s a good idea to bring a sleeping bag as temperatures can drop at night. When choosing a sleeping bag, pay attention to the season and temperature rating to ensure it will keep you at the optimum temperature for the time of year you choose to camp.
  1. Practise handling the gear:
camping tent with chairs inside
Pitch the tent at home, don’t embarrass yourself at the campsite by not knowing how to build it up. Know how to operate the gas stove, the bbq, generator, etc.. The lender is probably willing to explain you everything in detail. They are always nice and willing to lend you a helping hand (of course at no extra cost).
  1. After the adventure:
After your camping trip, which went well because you where prepared like a pro and brought professional gear, make sure to return the borrowed gear. Bring everything back from the campsite, make sure to not forget anything. Clean all the gear, give the tent a wipe with a wet paper towel, remove stains from the grill, wash the sleep bag, wipe the airbed. Always return borrowed gear in the same conditions as you picked it up. If you broke anything, always tell the lender, most of the rental platforms featured by us include insurance for damages caused by you. 
If you had a good adventure and where satisfied with the borrowed gear, leave the lender a good review on the rental platform, they will always appreciate that. 
So, what’s holding you back from diving into your next (or first) camping adventure? You now have all the know-how and we provide you with an alternative to costly equipment. Find and borrow camping gear easily with ShareSpace.
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