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why you should rent a motorhome for your ski holidays

Winter holiday is near, and there are many ways you can spend it, relaxing and enjoying the snow. You still have time to choose your next destination and how to spend your free time.
Have you ever considered a winter ski holiday that includes camping? It doesn’t matter if the answer is no. I will present to you some benefits of renting a motorhome for your ski holidays.

Top 4 common worries for ski holidays

What do I do if my chosen destination does not meet my expectations?

The biggest fear of winter sports enthusiasts is the weather, namely the fear of not finding snow in the mountain resort where they want to spend their ski vacation.
A rental motorhome is perfect for solving this problem. If the chosen resort is not exactly to your taste, you can go to another destination at any time. You will not lose hotel reservations or money if you want to go somewhere else.
You will be able to enjoy several destinations and slopes in a single ski holiday.

Isn’t it too expensive?

For many people, ski holidays are very expensive, but renting a motorhome can help you save money.
Basically, the motorhome will exempt you from paying to rent a cottage or a hotel room. Also, the vehicle is equipped with a kitchen where you can cook, so you will not have to pay big sums of money through restaurants. Ski holidays with a rented motorhome will help you enjoy the winter season and save significant amounts of money.
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Can the motorhome stand the cold?

If you are afraid of getting snowy on the mountain roads, well you should know that this situation is difficult to make a reality with a rental motorhome.
These vehicles are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and if you get stuck in traffic, you will benefit from heated toilets, a warm living room and the comfort you need. Also, winter tires will be a plus for your safety while driving on icy and snowy roads.

Will I be able to spend more time with friends and family?

Are you looking for a way to spend your skiing holidays as close as possible to your family or friends? Renting a motorhome provides you the necessary space where you can keep your loved ones with you.
Staying in a rented motorhome, you will spend most of your ski holidays time with family and friends, cooking and eating together. You can also enjoy the road to the ski resort together and you will be able to admire wonderful views.

Why is it better than camping in a tent?

Camping is not for everyone, especially in winter. Only experienced and trained people to withstand very low temperatures can choose to go with the tent in the snow season. On the other hand, motorhomes can make you live certain experiences that you can’t live while camping. For example, you will be close to nature, but in a much more comfortable environment.
The vehicle heats up much faster and you will enjoy your vacation even if the outside temperatures are almost unbearable. You will have hot water to take a shower, and an equipped kitchen where you can cook without worrying that you have to gather wood for the fire and keep the flame burning.
If you choose a rental motorhome, you will have a safe and comfortable space for the little ones. They can play in a warm space and can go out in the snow whenever they want.
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Top 6 tips for motorhome in snow

Winter tires are a must have

Don’t forget to equip your motorhome with winter tires and snow chains! This way you will be able to drive safely on mountain roads. It is also good to know that in some countries this is mandatory.

Always keep the windshield clean of snow and ice

While you are driving a rented motorhome, you must keep the windshield clean all the time, especially when it is snowing. Snow must be cleared from the vehicle for good road visibility. Scrapers and windshield fluid should not be missing.
It is a simple but very important safety measure to have worry-free ski holidays.

Get the snow off

For your safety and the safety of those around you, make sure you clean the snow from your motorhome before you set off. An increase in speed can push unclean snow off the motorhome and can hit another car causing an accident.

Don’t get locked out!

Remember that very low temperatures can freeze the motorhome door, locking you out of it. It is not pleasant to spend a whole day on the ski slope in the cold, and to be stuck outside. There are various devices that can help you easily thaw your car to prevent this unpleasant situation.

Always be prepared for any unforeseen situations

Before you hit the road with your rental motorhome, you need to think that there are many unforeseen situations that can happen during winter holidays.
Prepare extra clothes for any eventuality in which the car may break down, extra food and enough water in case you get snowy on the road, or a gas lamp for any eventuality. Also, don’t forget about car equipment such as a reflective vest, windshield fluid, tow rope, or cables if the motorhome battery fails.

Take a spare key with you

It may seem like a difficult situation to become a reality in which you lose the key to the motorhome. This situation is not impossible, which means that a spare key can save your ski holidays from becoming a catastrophe.
Did I manage to convince you that a ski vacation with a rental motorhome has many benefits and is the ultimate winter adventure? Pack your things and rent a motorhome for your next winter vacation! You will have unique moments and certainly not regret the choice.
Your family, especially the little ones, will enjoy the adventure and the time spent in the motorhome, away from the crowds and closer to nature.
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